Integrated Circuits

Integrated circuits (also known as ICs) are compact components that perform the task of complicated circuits or do things otherwise impossible with Redstone. Building them and connecting them is simple. The ICs in CraftBook currently come in families that correspond with their number of inputs and outputs:

  • ZISO – Single output, no input
  • AISO – Single output, input can be anywhere
  • SISO – Single input, single output
  • SI3O – Single input, three outputs
  • SI5O – Single input, five outputs
  • 3ISO – Three inputs, single output
  • 3I3O – Three inputs, three outputs
  • VIVO – Variable number of inputs and outputs

Construction of ICs vary by family, so check out the links for the IC Families in order to find out how to construct an IC.

T (Triggered) ICs

ICs of this type requires a clock signal (redstone).

ST (Self-Triggered) ICs

ICs of this type are special, as they do not require a clock signal, and instead execute every two ticks (configurable). For example, the triggered version of the day check IC (MC1230) normally requires an alternating signal to be used as an automated check, but when its self-triggered equivalent is used, it will trigger automatically on passing of time, allowing you to make day/night-triggered systems more easily. Most ICs of this type are otherwise equivalent to their triggered equivalent. To use a Self-Triggered IC, set it up like a normal IC, but add a S to the end of the ID. That would make [MC1230] into [MC1230]S

IC Types List

IC IDShorthandAllows STFamiliesNameDescription
MC1000repeaterfalseSISO AISORepeaterRepeats a redstone signal.
MC1001inverterfalseSISO AISOInverterInvert a redstone signal.
MC1017re t flipfalseSISO AISOToggle Flip FlopToggles output on high.
MC1018fe t flipfalseSISO AISOToggle Flip FlopToggles output on low.
MC1020random bittrueSISO AISORandom BitRandomly sets the output on high.
MC1025server timefalseSISO AISOServer Time ModulusOutputs high if time is odd.
MC1110transmitterfalseSISO AISOWireless TransmitterTransmits wireless signal to wireless recievers.
MC1111receivertrueSISO AISOWireless ReceiverRecieves signal from wireless transmitter.
MC1112tele-outtrueSISO AISOTeleport TransmitterTransmitter for the teleportation network.
MC1113tele-intrueSISO AISOTeleport RecieverReciever for the teleportation network.
MC1200spawnerfalseSISO AISOCreature Spawner*Spawns a mob with specified data.
MC1201dispenserfalseSISO AISOItem Dispenser*Spawns in items.
MC1202c dispensetrueSISO AISOContainer DispenserDispenses items out of containers.
MC1203strikefalseSISO AISOZeus Bolt*Strike location with lightning!
MC1204traptrueSISO AISOEntity Trap*Damage nearby entities of type.
MC1205set abovetrueSISO AISOSet Block Admin*Sets block above IC block.
MC1206set belowtrueSISO AISOSet Block Admin*Sets block below IC block.
MC1207flex setfalseSISO AISOFlexible Set*Sets a block at a specified distance on a specific axis. Can also hold a block at a place until low power.
MC1208mult setfalseSISO AISOMultiple SetBlock*Sets multiple blocks.
MC1209collectortrueSISO AISOContainer CollectorCollects items into above chest.
MC1210emittertrueSISO AISOParticle Effect*Creates particle effects.
MC1211set bridgefalseSISO AISOSet P-Bridge*Generates a bridge out of the set materials with set size.
MC1212set doorfalseSISO AISOSet P-Door*Generates a door out of the set materials with set size.
MC1213soundfalseSISO AISOSound Effect*Plays a sound effect on high.
MC1214range colltrueSISO AISORanged CollectorCollects items at a range into above chest.
MC1215set a chesttrueSISO AISOSet Block ChestSets above block from below chest.
MC1216set b chesttrueSISO AISOSet Block ChestSets below block from above chest.
MC1217pot inducetrueSISO AISOPotion Inducer*Gives nearby entities a potion effect.
MC1218block launchfalseSISO AISOBlock Launcher*Launches set block with set velocity.
MC1219auto crafttrueSISO AISOAutomatic CrafterAuto-crafts recipes in the above dispenser/dropper.
MC1220a b breaktrueSISO AISOBlock BreakerBreaks blocks below block sign is on.
MC1221b b breaktrueSISO AISOBlock BreakerBreaks blocks above block sign is on.
MC1222liq floodtrueSISO AISOLiquid Flooder*Floods an area with a liquid.
MC1223terraformtrueSISO AISOBonemeal TerraformerTerraforms an area using bonemeal.
MC1224time bombfalseSISO AISOTimed Explosive*Spawn tnt with custom fuse and yield.
MC1225pumptrueSISO AISOPumpPumps liquids into above chest.
MC1226spigotfalseSISO AISOSpigot*Fills areas with liquid from below chest.
MC1227avd spawnerfalseSISO AISOAdvanced Entity Spawner*Spawns a mob with many customizations.
MC1228ent cannontrueSISO AISOEntity Cannon*Shoots nearby entities of type at set velocity.
MC1229sortertrueSISO AISOSorterSorts items and spits out left/right depending on above chest.
MC1230sense daytrueSISO AISODay SensorOutputs high if it is day.
MC1231t controlfalseSISO AISOTime Control*Sets time based on input.
MC1232time settrueSISO AISOTime Set*Set time when triggered.
MC1233item fantrueSISO AISOItem FanGently pushes items upwards.
MC1234plantertrueSISO AISOPlanterPlants plantable things at set offset.
MC1235cultivatortrueSISO AISOCultivatorCultivates an area using a hoe.
MC1236fake weathertrueSISO AISOWeather Faker*Fakes a players weather in radius.
MC1237fake timetrueSISO AISOTime Faker*Radius based fake time.
MC1238irrigatetrueSISO AISOIrrigatorIrrigates nearby farmland using water in above chest.
MC1239harvestertrueSISO AISOCombine HarvesterHarvests nearby crops.
MC1240shoot arrowfalseSISO AISOArrow Shooter*Shoots an arrow.
MC1241shoot arrowsfalseSISO AISOArrow Barrage*Shoots a barrage of arrows.
MC1242stockertrueSISO AISOContainer Stocker*Adds item into container at specified offset.
MC1243distributertrueSISO AISODistributerDistributes items to right and left based on sign.
MC1244animal harvtrueSISO AISOAnimal HarvesterHarvests nearby cows and sheep.
MC1245cont stkrtrueSISO AISOContainer StackerStacks all items in a container to 64.
MC1246xp spawnerfalseSISO AISOExperience Orb Spawner*Spawns an XP Orb.
MC1248drillertrueSISO AISODriller*Breaks a line of blocks from the IC block.
MC1249replacerfalseSISO AISOBlock Replacer*Searches a nearby area and replaces blocks accordingly.
MC1250shoot firefalseSISO AISOFire Shooter*Shoots a fireball.
MC1251shoot firesfalseSISO AISOFire Barrage*Shoots a barrage of fire.
MC1252flame thowerfalseSISO AISOFlame Thrower*Makes a line of fire.
MC1253firework showtrueSISO AISOProgrammable Firework Show*Plays a firework show from a file.
MC1260sense watertrueSISO AISOWater SensorOutputs high if water is at the given offset.
MC1261sense lavatrueSISO AISOLava SensorOutputs high if lava is at given offset.
MC1262sense lighttrueSISO AISOLight SensorOutputs high if specific block is above specified light level.
MC1263sense blocktrueSISO AISOBlock SensorChecks for blocks at location.
MC1264sense itemtrueSISO AISOItem DetectionDetects items within a given radius
MC1265inv sns itmtrueSISO AISOItem Not SensorDetects if an item is NOT within a given radius
MC1266sense powertrueSISO AISOPower SensorDetects if offset block is powered.
MC1268sns cntnstrueSISO AISOContainer Content SensorDetects if the above container has a specific item inside it.
MC1269sns p cntnstrueSISO AISOPlayer Inventory Sensor*Detects if a certain number of players have an item in their inventory.
MC1270melodytrueSISO AISOMelody PlayerPlays the MIDI file entered on the sign.
MC1271sns entitytrueSISO AISOEntity SensorDetects specific entity types in a given radius.
MC1272sns playertrueSISO AISOPlayer Detection*Detects players within a radius.
MC1273jukeboxtrueSISO AISOJukeboxPlays a Playlist.
MC1275tunetrueSISO AISOTune PlayerPlays a tune.
MC1276radio stationtrueSISO AISORadio StationBroadcasts a playlist.
MC1277radio playertrueSISO AISORadio PlayerPlays a radio station.
MC1278sentry guntrueSISO AISOSentry Gun*Shoots nearby mobs with arrows.
MC1279player traptrueSISO AISOPlayer Trap*Damages nearby players that fit criteria.
MC1280animal brdtrueSISO AISOAnimal BreederBreeds nearby animals.
MC1420divide clockfalseSISO AISOClock DividerClock that toggles output when reset.
MC1421clocktrueSISO AISOClockOutputs high every X ticks when input is high.
MC1422monostabletrueSISO AISOMonostableOutputs a pulse for a set amount of time on high.
MC1500range outputtrueSISO AISORanged OutputNo Description.
MC1510send messagefalseSISO AISOMessage SenderSends a pre-written message on high.
MC2100delayerfalseSISO AISODelayerDelays signal by X seconds (or ticks if set).
MC2101inv delayerfalseSISO AISONot DelayerNo Description.
MC2110fe delayerfalseSISO AISOLow DelayerNo Description.
MC2111inv fe delayerfalseSISO AISONot Low DelayerNo Description.
MC2500pulserfalseSISO AISOPulser*Fires a (choosable) pulse of high-signals with a choosable length of the signal and the pause between the pulses when the input goes from low to high.
MC2501inv pulserfalseSISO AISONot Pulser*Fires a (choosable) pulse of low-signals with a choosable length of the signal and the pause between the pulses when the input goes from low to high.
MC2510fe pulserfalseSISO AISOLow Pulser*Fires a (choosable) pulse of high-signals with a choosable length of the signal and the pause between the pulses when the input goes from high to low.
MC2511inv fe pulserfalseSISO AISOLow Not Pulser*Fires a (choosable) pulse of low-signals with a choosable length of the signal and the pause between the pulses when the input goes from high to low.
MC2020random 3trueSI3ORandom 3-BitRandomly sets the output on high.
MC2999marqueefalseSI3OMarqueeSequentially sets all pins.
MC3002andfalse3ISOAnd GateOutputs high if all inputs are high.
MC3003nandfalse3ISONand GateNAND Gate. Outputs high if all inputs are low.
MC3020xorfalse3ISOXOR GateNo Description.
MC3021xnorfalse3ISOXNOR GateNo Description.
MC3030nor flipfalse3ISORS-NOR flip-flopNo Description.
MC3031inv nand latchfalse3ISOInverted RS NAND latchNo Description.
MC3032jk flipfalse3ISOJK negative edge-triggered flip flopNo Description.
MC3033nand latchfalse3ISORS NAND latchNo Description.
MC3034edge df flipfalse3ISOEdge triggered D flip-flopNo Description.
MC3036level df flipfalse3ISOLevel-triggered D flip flopNo Description.
MC3040multiplexerfalse3ISOMultiplexerNo Description.
MC3050combofalse3ISOCombination LockChecks combination on sign against inputs.
MC3101down counterfalse3ISODown CounterOutputs high when counter reaches 0.
MC3102counterfalse3ISOCounterIncrements on redstone signal, outputs high when reset.
MC3231t control advafalse3ISOAdvanced Time Control*No Description.
MC3300ROM setfalse3ISOMemory Setter*Sets the memory state for a file for usage in the MemorySetter/Access IC group.
MC3301ROM getfalseSI3OROM Accessor*Gets the memory state from a file for usage in the MemorySetter/Access IC group.
MC4000full adderfalse3I3OFull AdderNo Description.
MC4010half adderfalse3I3OHalf AdderNo Description.
MC4040demultiplexerfalse3I3ODe-MultiplexerNo Description.
MC4100full subtrfalse3I3OFull SubtractorNo Description.
MC4110half subtrfalse3I3OHalf SubtractorNo Description.
MC4200dispatcherfalse3I3ODispatcherSend middle signal out high sides.
MC6020random 5trueSI5ORandom 5-BitRandomly sets the output on high.
MCX230rain sensetrueSISO AISOIs It RainOutputs high if it is raining.
MCX231storm sensetrueSISO AISOIs It a StormOutputs high if it is storming.
MCX233weather setfalseSISO AISOWeather Control*Set rain and thunder duration.
MCT233weather set adfalse3ISOWeather Control*When centre on, set rain if left high and thunder if right high.
VAR100num modfalseSISO AISOVariable ModifierModifies a variable using the specified function.
VAR170at leasttrueSISO AISOIs At LeastChecks if a variable is at least…
VAR200item countfalseSISO AISOItem CounterAdds to a variable the amount of items of a type counted.