mcMMO: Repair

Repair allows you to use an iron block to repair armor and tools.

Active SubSkills

Active subskills require you to do something in order to trigger the skill.

This skill has no active SubSkills.

Passive SubSkills

Passive subskills apply their effects as soon as they are learned.

Arcane Forging

Level Requirement: 10 (100)

Arcane Forging allows you to repair items with a certain change of maintaining its enchantments. The enchantments may be kept at their existing levels, downgraded to a lower level, or list entirely. The effectiveness of this skill depends on your rank/level:

RankLevel Requirement (Retro)Keep Enchants ChanceDowngrade chance
110 (100)10%75%
225 (250)20%50%
335 (350)30%40%
450 (500)40%30%
565 (650)50%25%
675 (750)50%20%
785 (850)60%15%
8100 (1000)60%10%

Repair Mastery

Level Requirement: 20 (200)

Repair Mastery increases the repair amount. The extra amount repaired is influenced by your Repair skill level.

Super Repair

Level Requirement: 40 (400)

Super Repair is a passive ability. When repairing an item it grants players a chance to repair with double effectiveness. The likelihood of this happening starts at 40% at level 40 (400) and it increases by 1% every level (10 levels) to 100% at level 100 (1000).