mcMMO: Fishing

The fishing skill allows you to fish faster and catch more unique treasures while fishing.

Active SubSkills

Active subskills require you to do something in order to trigger the skill.

Ice Fishing

Level Requirement: 5 (50)

Allows you to fish in icy biomes.


Level Requirement: 15 (150)

Shake items off of mobs or players with your fishing pole.

On mobs this will damage them for 1/4 of their total health. Starting in mcmmo 2.2 this has an upper limit of 10 damage. This means that a mob with over 40 health (20 hearts) will at most have 5 hearts removed every shake. This is only useful for servers with custom boss mobs and does not change anything for normal gameplay.

Passive SubSkills

Passive subskills apply their effects as soon as they are learned.

Treasure Hunter

Level Requirement: 10 (100)

Treasure Hunter allows you find unique treasures while fishing. It is paired with Magic Hunter to also give enchanted items.

Each treasure is organized into one of six categories:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Record (Music Discs)
RankLevel Requirement (Retro)Common (%)Uncommon (%)Rare (%)Epic (%)Legendary (%)Record (%)
110 (100)7.501.
225 (250)6.501.750.750.500.050.01
335 (350)3.502.751.
450 (500)2.003.502.251.501.000.01
565 (650)1.503.752.502.001.000.01
675 (750)
785 (850)0.252.754.005.002.500.10
8100 (1000)0.101.506.007.505.000.25

Master Angler

Level Requirement: 15 (150)

Improves your chance of getting a bite while fishing.

Fisherman’s Diet

Level Requirement: 20 (200)

Improves the hunger restored from eating fish.

RankLevel Requirement (Retro)
120 (200)
240 (400)
360 (600)
480 (800)
5100 (1000)

Magic Hunter

Level Requirement: 20 (200)

Find enchanted items while fishing.